Dog Diary Twenty Seven – Chef de Cuisine

I serve on K9 KP duty. My culinary experience has expanded over time from simple observation to (almost) active involvement.

My skills were recently called upon when I saw my mother applying some powdery stuff over a chicken. Although the rub smelled like the flea and tick repellent which I used to get on my coat once a month, I knew that I had to monitor the situation. I crammed my 62 lb self between her legs and the counter.

“Ponzi, move.”

No way. Six months earlier a piece of pulled pork catapulted over the counter into my mouth. One never knows when a drumstick might escape and fall on the floor. After I oversaw the prep work, I escorted the poultry from the kitchen to the smoker on the deck.

I’ve assisted with the preparation of baby back ribs, deboning pin bones from salmon, and peeling and deveining shrimp. Once I was lucky enough to actually eat a shrimp vein that had slithered down the drawer. It tasted like a worm in the back yard.

I helped my mother cook collard greens which I would never eat in a million years even if they were dumped in my bowl. However, it was necessary that I supervise the bacon and ham hock as they were dumped in the pot.

Over the years halibut cheeks, monkfish, flank steak and duck have floated by my nose for inspection.

Fortunately, there are no vegetarians in my house. My job as chef de cuisine is secure.

Ponzi rest

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